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Windows DVD + USB Flash Drive $49.95

Windows DVD + USB Flash Drive $49.95
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Price: $49.95
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This version of Online Bible will not run under Windows operating
systems that are older than Windows XP.

This version of Online Bible will not run under Macintosh operating
systems that are older than Snow Leopard (10.6) or Lion (10.7)

To run under Linux you will need the version of WINE for your Linux system.

The Online Bible DVD-ROM package includes both the English
material and all the material in other languages.

This release is a full Unicode programming and so includes
modules such as Chinese and Korean that can be best displayed
in unicode programming.

It contains more than 30 English Bible versions
including the New King James Version, The Message, God's Word
to the Nations and The English Standard Version.

In addition to all of the ready to use material on the DVD
there are several versions that require royalty payment to
unlock, noteably NIV, NAS, NRSV, NLT and The Amplified Bible.

This DVD also contains 10 ancient languages texts (Greek,
Hebrew, Latin and Syriac), 3 sets of Greek and Hebrew Lexicons,
20 Dictionaries, 45 commentaries and more than 300
Devotional, Theological, Historical and Creationist books
as well as a set of Bible maps.

In addition it contains more than 400 Bible versions,
Commentaries, Lexicons and Books in 35 other languages.

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