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Handfuls On Purpose

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Handfuls On Purpose

By James Smith and Robert Lee

12 Volumes of illustrations and commentary on one CD for use on Macintosh and Windows

These "Handfuls" have been sent out after much prayerful study of the Word in the hope that they might be helpful to some busy workers for the Master who may not have much leisure for study.

In preparing these notes we have earnestly endeavoured to get into the heart-thoughts of the Word, so that weary workers might find food for the strengthening of their tired and hungry hearts.

We count it a great privilege and honour to be in this way a co-worker with any toiler in the Masterís vineyard. If we can but help to sharpen another workerís weapons for the fight, or carry a cup of cold water to those who are bearing the burden and heat of the day, we will rejoice, and do rejoice.

James Smith