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Science and the Bible

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Five Audio/Power Point Presentations on One CD-ROM

1. THERE WILL NEVER BE ANOTHER YOU - The Bible and Genetics
2. THE CREATOR AND THE COSMOS - The Bible and the Universe
3. THE STONES CRY OUT - The Bible and Archaeology
4. LET US MAKE MAN - The Bible and Evolution
5. QUESTION TIME - Your Questions Answered Biblically

Many people consider Science and the Bible are at odds the facts. In this informative audio presentation Professor Nevin gives you an amazing insight into the world of Human Genetics from a Biblical perspective. You will discover the facts about Designer babies, Cloning, DNA marking, Embryonic stem cell research and the Human genome. Norman Nevin is Professor of Medical Genetics at The Queen's University of Belfast and consultant clinical geneticist and Head of the Northern Ireland Regional Genetics Service.