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The John Gill Collection

The John Gill Collection
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The John Gill Collection
John Gill's Exposition and Other Writings by Baptist Standard Bearer
New version 2.0

John Gill was born in 1697 and died in 1771. In 74 years he was able to acquire a scope of Biblical knowledge and enjoy a degree of usefulness seldom attained by any man. Gill was called to pastor the Strict Baptist Church in 1720, which he continued to pastor for 51 years. Eventually the Strict Baptist Church would evolve into the Metropolitan Tabernacle which would be pastored by Charles Spurgeon for over 35 years. The CD-ROM contains his full-Bible commentary, and other writings to add to your library. You will benefit from one of the most outstanding Baptist preachers and defender of the Christian faith of all time.

This CD is the most complete collection of John Gill's writings ever assembled to date.

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