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Garrett's Systematic Theology

Garrett's Systematic Theology
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by Dr. James Leo Garrett Jr.

One of the most comprehensive studies of Christian beliefs ever written
Often called a "gold mine" of information
Objective, even handed studies give cross-denominational appeal

In this second edition, Professor Garrett has expanded and
updated his monumental classic, Systematic Theology.
This is one of the most comprehensive
contemporary studies of Christian beliefs ever written.
Garrett provides a full-scale exposition of doctrines,
drawing upon both biblical theology and historical theology
from the patristic age up to the present. He examines
issues both individually and in relation to each other,
yielding an unparalleled in-depth study that is an
invaluable resource for seminary students, pastors,
and educated laypersons.

Garrett, who holds earned doctorates from both Harvard and
Southwestern Baptist Seminary and has taught theology for
over forty years, makes no secret of his Southern Baptist
heritage and evangelical convictions. However, his
presentation is so thorough and so objective that it
has found widespread acceptance not only in Baptist
circles, but also in the wider community of Christian
scholars, students, and pastors. This is because of his
even-handed approach, his interaction with theologians
and exegetes across the religious spectrum, the encyclopedic
wealth of information that he provides, and the fact that
his approach, though starting from divine revelation as
recorded in the Bible, includes a presentation of
Christian tradition and Christian experience. Many have
called this work a gold mine of information.

Nevertheless, Garrett's Systematic Theology remains the
only systematic theology written by a Baptist who
extensively quotes other Baptist writers, theologians,
and exegetes. Evangelicals will find no other source
which simultaneously informs them so thoroughly about
their own heritage as well as the beliefs of other
Christians around the world and throughout history.