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Classic Sermon Collection

Classic Sermon Collection
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Featuring An Exposition of the Scriptures
by Alexander MacLaren (1827-1910)


Alexander MacClaren: Exposition of the Bible (32 volumes)
    Also Contains:
  • John Calvin: Lectures on Jeremiah - Malachi
  • St. Augustine: Homilies on Psalms, John and 1 John
  • John Chrysostom: Homilies on Matthew, and Galatians-Thessalonians
  • Jonathan Edwards: Sermons on various subjects (2 volumes)
  • Charles Finney: The Finney Sermon Collection
  • John Flavel: The Fountain of Life
  • Dwight Moody: 12 Select Sermons
  • John Owen: Sermon Collection (2 volumes)
  • Arthur Pink: Gleanings from Elijah, Elisha, Joshua, David, and Paul
  • Charles Spurgeon: Sermon Collection (10 Volumes)
  • John Wesley: Sermon Collection (3 Volumes)
  • John Whitefield: 59 Sermons

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