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The Biblical Illustrator

The Biblical Illustrator
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The Biblical Illustrator

The Biblical Illustrator was originally published in 1887, in London, by Joseph Exell (One of the editors for the Pulpit commentary). The Biblical Illustrator is a collection of Anecdotes, Similies, Emblems, Illustrations, Expository, Scientific, Geographical, Historical, and Homiletics gathered from a wide range of home and foreign literature on the verses of the Bible.

There are 34752 pages of information covering the entire Bible. As far as we can tell The Biblical Illustrator is out of print, but it has listed for as high as $1150. It is organized in the same fashion as The Pulpit Commentary and would be a wonderful complement to any student's library.

The Biblical Illustrator is a compilation of many of the most classically acclaimed authors and commentators, organized in a verse-by-verse manner. These authors include: Spurgeon, Augustine, MacLaren, Manton, Godet, Trapp, Lightfoot, Ryle, Hodge, Murray, Donne, Plumptre, Alexander, Owen, Moody, Parker, and hundreds of other contributors.

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