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BackRelax Footstool $24.95

BackRelax Footstool $24.95
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Petite Women (5'4" or shorter) often find chairs so deep or so high that their feet dangle. It's not just long-legged people who dread those endless journeys. If your feet don't touch the floor cramps behind your thighs can be painful (and dangerous). Here's a way to bring the floor up to your level.

This portable foot rest slips into your coat pocket or purse but unfolds into a 4" high footstool to give you much-appreciated support and relieve the pain on your lower back.

Our users have found BackRelax ideal for relieving back strain while at Work, in the Theatre, Dining in a Resturant, Traveling, Knitting, Nursing,
Attending Lectures or even riding in a Pickup Truck!

BackRelax has been evaluated by the Medical Advisory Board of the Back Association of Canada and has been granted the BAC seal of approval.

Manufactured in Canada of solid ABS plastic with a sturdy metal support bar, the BackRelax weighs only 15 oz and is just 4 x 8-1/2 x 3/4" folded.

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